Cammo tie me up set

Cammo tie me up set

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Original Print. Strapless top with matching high waisted skirt with ties. Runs true to size. Super stretchy. Comes with detached matching sleeves. 

SIZING CHART: elastic band stretches and fabric has a lot of stretch. 

XS- 22  inch Elastic Waist 

S: 23-24  inch Elastic Waist 


M: 25-27  inch Elastic Waist 


L: 28-30  inch Elastic Waist 


XL: 32-34 inch Elastic Waist


TOP FIT/Sizing: 


XS: 32-33    Bust 


S: 33-34    Bust


M: 34-36    Bust


L: 35-40    Bust

XL: 42     Bust