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Xia Robo Set

Xia Robo Set

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Original custom printed legging and matching off shoulder bodysuit. Runs true to size. Very stretchy. Power Mesh material. 


SIZING CHART: elastic band stretches and fabric has a lot of stretch. 

XS- 22  inch Elastic Waist 

S: 23-24  inch Elastic Waist 


M: 25-27  inch Elastic Waist 


L: 28-30  inch Elastic Waist 


XL: 32-34 inch Elastic Waist




XS: 32-34    Bust  22-24 Waist


S: 33-35    Bust 23-25  Waist


M: 34-36    Bust 25-28  Waist 


L:   35-40   Bust 27-30 Waist 

XL: 42.   Bust  31-36 Waist 


armor up 

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